Giving Is Believing

Giving is Believing with Mike Lewis is a Podcast about Giving, Serving, Faith and Adoption.

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    #32 Bias and Diversity - Interview with Dr Tyler Reimschisel

    Dr Tyler Reimschisel speaks on identifying Natural bias between people. How Vital it is that the church do more then speak on Diversity but instead act on it, and live it out in the Church body. Racism in our community and breaking out of what's comfortable learning more about each other.

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    #31 Good Marriage, Good Life!

    Good Marriage, Good Life! Tiffany Lewis joins Mike to talk about marriage. Give advice on fighting, money and keeping it real.

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    #30 I'm BACK

    After a long hiatus dealing with some fun life changing hardships, Mike's back with a new year, and new direction and some new hope to give to you the valued listeners. Mike talks a little on refugee's and our new president. including the announcement of a Giving is Believing up coming book.

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    Mike Interviews Jill Pawlin and Carrie Vermillion from Love for Kitui. A orphan care projected started by two friends from going on a short term mission trip to Kenya Africa.

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    Is GOD Good? All the time? Seems like a simple question, but life is not good all the time because we live in a broken and flawed world life is going to toss us back and forth in and out of issues. Your either in a hard time now, just coming out of one, or heading toward one you just don’t know it yet.

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    #26 White Dad, Black Daughter

    This week Mike talks on "Gotcha day" a holiday that Adoptive families celebrate. And as a White father of a Black child open up the notion of race and how it effects mix race families seeing behind the curtain and having discoveries that can be painful.

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    #25 The Business of Easter!

    Church spamming and follower poaching as Easter has been highjacked used as a tool of commerce to make money, and we buy into it. Is this really the best way to celebrate Jesus Death and resurrection?

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    #24 Curtis Stoneberger - Mocha Club

    This week we talk a little Africa with Curtis Stoneberger, he shares about his first trip and how it changed his life. And we talk about our favorite school project New Dawn school in Kenya.

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    #23 Evangelical? Liberal? Jesus Follower?

    Before we start back with more missions interviews, this past week super Tuesday begs a response to the weird endorsements made by church leaders this week. As Mike finally comes to the conclusion that he is no longer a Evangelical! And we dig deeper into what the real point of it all is.

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